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A world of creativity and imagination for children.

Leuie captures and celebrates the wonderful joy of childhood. And with the fun and adventurous spirit of children in mind—their delight, surprise and exploratory nature—we invite you to enter a world of fun and imagination, creativity and exploration created especially for children…

Within a boutique located in Vancouver, Canada, Leuie brings together an exclusive collection of carefully chosen items for the home and for living; One that is constantly evolving and remains fresh with beautiful, new-found items added frequently. With inspired designs that combine the traditional care and European craftsmanship of a bygone era with the needs of present day, customers will find an array of items that are entirely new to the country. (and in some cases, exclusive to Leuie)

Perfect for infants through to teen years, the designs are truly special and unique—complete with an abundance of charm, stories and fond memories at the very heart. 

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1513 W. 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Monday to Saturday
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