Leuie has had the immense privilege of being shared about within a range of widely read and enjoyed publications worldwide, (both online + print) including Rue Magazine, Vogue Magazine UK, Montecristo Magazine, Mother Muse Magazine, as well as This is Glamorous.

For further press information, sarah@leuie.com


Welcome to Leuie, a little shop for children... and within its walls, visitors will discover a carefully curated range of European-made childrenswear, decorations and toys—from buttery Italian leather shoes and Spanish-made fashions, to wonderfully crafted toys that have been handmade in Germany. Exclusive brands that, though are not widely distributed within North America, are appreciated for their continuous quality of design and craftsmanship.

Owners Jacquelyn and Sarah are a mother-daughter team that, with joint design sensibilities, have brought together the “Leuie” look and feel of the shop with an effortless balance between their two ideals and European heritage. The result is textural moulding work and an array of timeless, modern pieces, comfortably sitting next to beautifully aged, antique furnishings, collected over time—all of which lending to a quaint and cozy space that is approachable, enjoyable and comfortable to browse through.